Sep 16, 2013

Phonebloks - The Future of Smartphones?

We live in a throw-away-world. When your TV stops working you toss it out and get a new one. When your shoes are a few years old, you decide to buy a new pair (even though the old ones are still working just fine). When your smartphone's battery doesn't last as long anymore as it used to, you throw it away and get the latest version. Right?

Well, maybe you won't have to do that anymore in the future. At least if Dave Hakkens gets his way. On his website, Hakkens presents a new way of thinking about -- and buying smartphones. Instead of throwing yours away when you're not satisfied with its features anymore, you simply upgrade: a new camera, more storage, a longer lasting battery... How will it work? I'll let Dave explain it to you. Go to the website and check out the video he's posted there. Will his idea ever become reality? We don't know and it's way too early to make any predictions about it. But I like it when someone comes up with a concept that would not only make smartphone consumers happy, but also make our world a less "trashier" place. Good stuff, Dave.

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